Real Estate Solutions

We are specialists at integrating different systems to give a fluent and seemless workflow for you and your company.
Have your backed office system automatically send updates to your website in real time.

We also implement custom functionality to automate interaction with your users, such as automatically email clients or sending valuations etc.


Who We Are

We are a team of designers, developers, solution experts and real estate agents looking to push the boundaries of how we make technology work for us, and not the other way around.

Automated Real Estate Agency Website Design
  • Totally automated Real Estate and Letting Agency Websites
  • Professionally designed, easy to update, content managed property websites.
  • Automatic updating of properties from your back-office software
  • Integrated Google maps view of your properties
  • Automatic email notifications to registered buyers and tenants.
  • Portfilio manager and back-office integration for all Estate and Letting Agent software.
  • A professionally designed, easy to update Website.
  • Full content management system (unlimited content).
  • On-line property management application with unlimited photographs.
  • Advanced property search and display.
  • Property favourites and send to a friend.
  • Saved searches.
  • Buyer and Tenant Registration.
  • Enquiry forms.
  • Tenant on-line rental payments.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Integrates with your property management software and database such as Thesaurus, Universal,  Encore, Vebra, Expert Agent, Dezrez, CFP Winman, LetMC, Reapit, Rentman, GMW


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Pligg Notify Module

This Pligg Module Notify implements an email notification framework that allows pligg to send email to the site administrator and its users on certain events. Daily or weekly email digests as well as notifications of new stories or comments.

Emails can be sent in either text or html format and are completely editable via simple smarty template files.

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Pligg Auto Images for Submission

The Auto Thumb Module for Pligg allows users to easily select and set a thumbnail for their story submissions. Thumbnails from the story URL are automatically retrieved and shown to the user. Alternatively the user can add their own via file or URL.

When users submit a url, pligg uses fast ajax calls to scrape the target url and retrieve all the images for user to choose for the submission, in a similar way to submissions.

It also integrates nicely with automatically grabbing story thumbnails for youtube videos.

This plugin supports up to Pligg version 1.2.2. It does not support the new Pligg 2.0 yet.

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