Pligg Ban Spammers Module

The Pligg Ban Spammers Module incorporates a number of different measures to determine if a user is malicious and ban them from the site before they are even able to access it. Other modules allow spammers access to your site but just hide their junk if Akismet deems it to be spam. But the spam is still present in your site and accessible via a direct URL. Ban Spammers blocks spammers before they can access your site which not only keeps your site nice and clean it also helps keep your site's load down and can help prevent denial of service conditions caused by spammers.

How Effective is it?

 Previously I was getting 50 plus spam posts on my site every day. After installing all the other available spam modules, the best being Akismet, this number was reduced to a few a day. But I still had to go in and clean out the Akismet module and killspam all those users, not to mention cleaning out the spam that Akismet didn't catch. After installing this module, I don't get any spam what so ever. My site is Spam Free and Spam maintenance is now non existent.

Spam Blocking Services:

Some spam blocking services look at the users IP address to identify if they are known spammers while others analyse the users session to identify if they are a malicious spam bot.

  • Project Honey Pot

    Project Honey Pot is the first and only distributed system for identifying spammers and the spambots they use to scrape addresses from your website. Using the Project Honey Pot system you can install addresses that are custom-tagged to the time and IP address of a visitor to your site. If one of these addresses begins receiving email we not only can tell that the messages are spam, but also the exact moment when the address was harvested and the IP address that gathered it.
  • Stop Forum Spam

    Stop Forum Spam is a central database for known forum spambots.
  • Bad Behavior

    Bad Behavior transcends other link spam solutions by working in a completely different, unique way. Instead of merely looking at the content of potential spam, Bad Behavior analyzes the delivery method as well as the software the spammer is using. In this way, Bad Behavior can stop spam attacks even when nobody has ever seen the particular spam before.


  • Spam Overview

    Get a clear and concise overview of the activity on your site. 

  • Detailed Usage Logs

    Filter and sort through the usage logs to see exactly why someone was blocked as a spammer.

  • Track individual users from the Manage Users Page

    Detailed logs are displayed on the Manage Users page so that you can see concisely the activity of the user.

  • Constructive Error Message

    When a user is blocked, they will be shown a page detailing the reason why they were blocked and information on how to rectify the problem. This makes sure that if a normal user is accidentally blocked, they can take measures to undo the block.

  • Settings

    All settings are easily maintainable through the Plig Admin interface.You can enable different spam blocking services as you see fit.


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